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Swiss Magazine “City Weekend” Recommends Eating Chinese Dog Meat Before It Becomes Outlawed

These are puppies who were rescued by a Chinese friend yesterday from a roadside in Beijing:

And this is a racist magazine cover story by a Swiss magazine “City Weekend – Beijing” telling its expat readers that now is “the perfect time” to eat dog meat, and also strongly implies that only “Westerners” abhor the idea of eating dog meat.

The Swiss-owned magazine “City Weekend” (Oct 28 edition)  says it’s the “perfect time” to eat dogs – before such a thing is outlawed – and tells us that “Westerners” abhor the of idea of eating dogs, implying that Chinese people don’t.

Next time City Weekend decides to promote a rush to eat dog meat before it’s outlawed, I strongly suggest they first visit a dog meat farm first and then decide whether they want to promote it and associate their “Western”-owned brand with this particular form of animal exploitation.

With so few species of nonhuman animals protected from our brutality, you would think rich media companies like Ringier and their magazine City Weekend would give “man’s best friend” a break.


A letter I just sent Ringier:

Dear Ringier and City Weekend,

Please see my short post on Vegan Social Club about your magazine City Weekend’s promotion of the dog meat industry.

Your magazine’s continued promotion of animal exploitation in China and your writers’ tongue-in-cheek partaking in forms of animal exploitation like eating dog meat — as if it were a form of tourism — is reprehensible.

But even if you care nothing about the fear and terror of dogs facing their end in dog meat farms, surely your company gives a crap about racism, which your writer promotes in the very same article.

A Swiss magazine sends its staff to eat dog meat, then writes about how tasty it was, encourages other expats to try it before it’s outlawed (clearly indicating your writers’ and editors’ awareness that Chinese society frowns on the practice so much, it has been trying to outlaw it), but makes the case that most “Westerners” somehow abhor this more than most Chinese do.

  • The people paying for the dog meat in this story are Swiss-owned magazine workers, not the masses of dog-loving Chinese citizenry.
  • The people who surely laughed their way through the whole experience work for a foreign magazine, generally managed by Brits or Americans, not Chinese people.
  • The people who published the address and telephone number of the dog meat restaurant in this story are YOUR writers and editors, not Chinese people.
  • The people encouraging readers to hurry up and do something soon-to-be-outlawed are YOUR writers and editors, not Chinese people.

As a media owner (with distribution rights, a large readership, permission to publish, etc) CITY WEEKEND is a member of this community. And in this case:

  • you are the dog-meat eaters in Beijing.
  • And while no dog meat-eater walks around with a billboard encouraging others to eat dogs too, this is exactly what you are doing, with your tens of thousands of magazine copies.
  • You are the people who have betrayed these animals, bred by fickle, hypocritical humanity as “sometimes friend, sometimes food.”
  • The dogs whose lives were wasted, spent meaninglessly in cages and then ended brutally without any “euthanasia” or painless killing techniques, were eaten BY YOUR STAFF on YOUR BUDGET.

So, how dare City Weekend talk about what China or Chinese people do?!

Look at the puppies in my post. These were rescued by ordinary Chinese people, not expat writer-tourists from the US or Europe. They weren’t rescued by you. Your company didn’t do shit for them.

There are many things not yet outlawed in China. Shall City Weekend to a cover story on all the things that aren’t yet legally proscribed yet, but which break the hearts of millions of people everyday?

What your company did do is encourage yet more idiots in the expat community to eat “weird food”, destroy more species of animals, encourage a “food-as-fun” mentality that spells disaster and cruelty for billions of life forms on our planet.

Chris Barden
Beijing, China


1 Jenny { 10.27.10 at 3:39 pm }

A letter from a Chinese reader to “City Weekend”

Dear Sir / Madam,

I was so shocked to hear that your Magazine “City Weekend” published an article that promote dog meat eating in China. I originally adored your magazine, though I am not one of the expats who are your targeted readers. However, my heart was broken by what your editors and writers did.
Just like many other animal lovers in China, I believed that the western expats are more educated and decent especially in terms of treating companion animals. Therefore we are desperately hoping the nice people from western countries to set up as good role models for our fellow people.
Unfortunately your magazine implied that our expectation is but an illusion.

I feel very disheartened about what your writers did. The dog meat industry is horribly cruel, and the sellers and slaughters are heartless gangs and criminals. These bad guys even killed village people who wanted to stop them when they were found stealing companion animals in villages.
Their monster-like slaughter has sicken me to core and challenged my belief of humanity.
As far as I know, Swiss is a country far more developed in animal welfare legislation. But why your people apply such an opposite standard in China? It is a huge disaster to animals and people alike that there is no moral and laws to prevent cruelty and sadistic behavious. Therefore we are struggling for legeslation of anti-cruelty of which to end the dog meat industry is a big concern.
Please, I would like to ask you and even beg you not to promote any forms of animal exploitation in China anymore, but help promote “animals right” in my country.


A Chinese animal lover

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3 Mei { 11.23.10 at 1:55 pm }

Whoever wrote that article in City Weekend is a heartless, soulless idiot. Maybe they were trying to be funny, but there are a lot of people who do not find humor in such a thing.

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